School For Dogs is company dedicated to producing innovative, quality and affordable solutions for dog owners who want an easy life. 

You are likely here because you dreamed of having the kind of dog that could go everywhere with you, hang out with you and all your friends and be a dog like in the movies.

We are here to tell you that things are about to get better. And that it wont require devices such as prong collars or shock collars. We can use motivational techniques to get pet dogs to do extraordinary things OR to get your dog to just do ordinary things, like walking nicely on the lead, coming back when called, or meeting dogs and people with manners.

Are you ready to train? We have used our expertise and experiences working with some of the UKs biggest and most famous rescue organisations to create SHORT, SIMPLE and EASY solutions to the most common pet owner problems. 

Meet Your Trainers

Rhona Nason

Being a dog trainer wasn’t something Rhona did on a whim. Since she was a little girl she trained and competed at agility, partook in work experience at kennels, rescue centres and behaviour centres and always had the ambition of becoming a dog trainer.


Rhona completed a foundation degree in at Merrist College in 2016 and immediately found employment at Royvon kennels where she spent the next 2 years perfecting her mechanics training pet dogs under the timer for board and train. Rhona then went on to spend 3 years..... read more

Lucy Stratton

Having started out as a grooming assistant, eleven years ago Lucy quickly climbed the ranks and eventually joined her local kennels working with the more difficult dogs. Having spent three years building her management experience she was then asked to join the Behaviour Team at Battersea Cats and Dogs Home (the UK´s best known rescue centre), where she met Rhona.


Lucy remained with Battersea for six years, developing the vital skills necessary to become a qualified dog trainer and became accredited with the IMDT in 2018. In 2021 she was asked to consult as... read more